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The pressure is on Bryan Murray. Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is not a patient man and Murray has had his share of time.

Despite taking the Ottawa Senators to the Stanely Cup Finals, John Muckler was fired shortly after, for what is believed mainly one reason - not resigning Zdeno Chara. This may be the end of the line for Murray.

Murray is not flawless.

By looking at each case in isolation one can chalk this up to coincidence. However, taken together they add up to a number of incidents that causes one to question whether Murray isn't part of the problem:

  • Dany Heatley: requested to leave, apparently did not approve of Clouston not playing him enough

  • Ray Emery: pushed aside for Gerber

  • Peter Schaefer: fell out of favour and resulting trade out of Ottawa

  • Joe Corvo: demand to be traded out of Canada

  • Christoph Schubert: unhappiness started when Murray became GM

  • Brian McGrattan:

  • Meszaros

  • Preissing

Regarding goalies, Murray is directly responsible for:

  • not resigning Hasek

  • disrespecting Emery who took us to Finals

  • bringing in Gerber

  • Leclaire

  • Telling Elliott before Olympic break that he's not our guy but Leclaire's our playoff guy

The pattern is that players not drafted by or traded for by Bryan Murray somehow either find themselves out of favour, sent down to Binghampton, or traded away:

  • Brian Lee sent to Bingo, room made for Karlsson...

  • Emery shoved aside for Gerber

  • Elliott pushed aside for Leclaire

So which non-Murray drafted player is next? Anton Volchenkov? Jason Spezza? Brian Elliott?

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