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A logical look at where Don Cherry's Allegiances Really Lie

It's no secret that Don Cherry is a Toronto Maple Leaf fan. We are led to believe week after week that Cherry is a die-hard Canadian. Countless times Cherry has raked European players through the coals while praising any Canadian with even a hint of talent. His show is broadcast in Canada and is called "Hockey Night in Canada". Whether Canada means the 6 teams based in Canada or Canadian players is up for debate.

There have been many instances that Ottawa fans have had to endure Cherry's attack and ridicule of the Senators, including:

  • Attacking Marshall Johnston's (Canadian from Saskatchewan) trade decisions as a GM

  • Referring to Alfredsson as Krusty the Clown

  • Calling Chris Neil (Canadian from Ontario) a coward

  • Calling Mike Fisher (Canadian from Ontario) and the Ottawa Senators for wearing toques to the arena for a -30degree January game

  • Chris Neil and Matt Carkner (both Canadians from Ontario) for getting the crowd involved by arm waving after a fight in their home arena (Ottawa's Scotiabank Place)

Could this all be an indication of jealousy on the part of Cherry? Perhaps not ever becoming an NHL general manager, or not having played in the NHL for 8 years and 500+ games like Neil, or Carkner early in the 2009 season has already played more NHL games than Cherry has taken its toll and Canadians have to bear the hate seething over.

Look closely and Carkner is a prototypical Cherry player - persistence for sticking it out in the minors for 8 years, then making the most of his shot at the big league, and playing with an edge and sticking up for himself. If Carkner had played on any other team (Habs included) and he would have been Cherry's favourite player. Is it such a crime for a fighter to involve his hometown crowd and get behind his team? To a fighter winning a fight is as good as scoring a goal.

Cherry referred to Neil and Carkner actions as 'showboating' - interesting coming from a guy who week after week wears unorthodox and obviously attention grabbing attire.

...or is it stupidity??? ...Cherry doesn't exactly have a lot backing him to his so-called knowledge.

Let's not forget Cherry ripping apart Sidney Crosby as a Jr and said Crosby would never win a Cup with that kind of attitude.

By Cherry picking on Canadians and Ontarians - one has to conclude that he is not actually a fan of Canada but rather puts the Leafs ahead of Canada. Just about every week Cherry talks about the Canadian military - but one has to wonder whether there isn't a self-serving interest involved. Cherry knows the CBC pays his salary, and since the bulk of HNIC viewers are Leaf fans - he needs to appease the crowd.

Actually, in 2005 he did pick the Sens to make it to the Finals, and during that year he suffered so much ridicule from Leaf fans that he has returned to attacking the Leafs worst enemy - cross-province rival the Ottawa Senators. If the Leaf fans are used for their money, then Don Cherry is all aboard the gravy train.

Will Cherry ever have something positive to say about cross-province rivals the Senators on a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast? We'll see.

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