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Young players need time to develop and then show what they've got on the big stage. It appears the Ottawa Senators organization are ready to give up on Martin St. Pierre. Sure his size isn't impressive (5foot9inches) - but there is another current player that this hasn't stopped - Martin St. Louis. Looking closer, they share more than just the "Martin" and "St." in their names.

Let's do a quick comparison between Martin St. Louis early years and Martin St. Pierre:

Age 23:

St. LouisCalgary Flames 13GP 2pts
St. PierreChicago Blackhawks 14GP 4pts

Age 24:

St. LouisCalgary Flames 56GP 18pts
St. PierreChicago Blackhawks 5GP 0pts

--> 5games isn't really enough to learn much of anything. Likely that St. Louis had 5-game stretches of 0pts too. Could have played some good teams in there.

Age 25:

St. LouisTampa Bay Lightning 78GP 40pts
St. PierreBoston Bruins 14GP 4pts

--> Not exactly terrible numbers for a youngster

Age 26:

St. LouisTampa Bay 53GP 35pts
St. PierreOttawa Senators 3GP 0pts

--> what does 3 games show?

For me, the past 3 years he hasn't been given enough of a chance. St. Pierre is Bingo's leading scorer, and 10th in the AHL. Murray's are giving up on him like Flames gave up on St. Louis.

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