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John Ferguson called Randy Sexton from Sweden whispering "I've found a real gem" - not wanting other scouts around him to overhear. Sexton flew over a couple weeks later to take a look at Alfredsson and saw a kid lacking in the physical department but overflowed with passion, hunger, and smarts for hockey. They knew that with work they could overcome the physical aspects. Ferguson's concern over other teams finding and recognizing Alfredsson's potential grew when Alfredsson was selected to Sweden's world junior team - but then was quickly relieved when Alfredsson was injured and couldn't play in the tournament. After that, the Senators drafted Alfredsson late in the 6th round (133rd overall).

"It was never my dream to play in the NHL. All the focus I had on hockey back then was on the Swedish league, the national team, the world championship. I mean, I was drafted so low it wasn't like Ottawa was calling me every day or week or month to come over here." - Alfredsson

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