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Matt Carkner

Long time AHLer Matt Carkner looking to make the Senators NHL team.


Looking at the Sens chemistry.

Heatley Traded

Bye bye whiner, hello Cheechoo and Michalek

Sens vs Pens Rookies Sept 7 2009

Senators Rookies Camp Roster

Team Canada

If Heatley Was a Team Player

A list of items to determine whether Heatley is a team player

NHL Points By Drafted Teams

Sens 2009 Draft Picks

Leafs and Sharks making pitches to Chris Neil

Ottawa Senators Draft Possibilities

Erik Karlsson

Ottawa Senators Erik Karlsson

Emery a Flyer

Ray Emery will be playing for Philidepelphia Flyers next year.

Heatley Wants Out of Ottawa

Dany Heatley is talking to Bryan Murray that he wants out of Ottawa

Rangers Waiving Redden

Mark Borowiecki

Mark Borowiecki impresses Sens management

NHL in Kitchener-Waterloo

Fees Jim Balsillie will need to pay to clear the way for the movement of the Phoenix Coyotes to southern Ontario

Sens Chances of Making the Playoffs

The Senators chances of making the playoffs are pegged at 0.7%

Ottawa Senators Goalie Controversy

So when do the Sens admit they have a goalie controversy

Ray Emery

Catching up with Ray Emery in Russia

Don Cherry

Cherry Shoots off his mouth again and calls Fisher and the Sens Thugs

In Auld We Trust

Alex Auld takes over from Gerber

Sens and Khabibulin

Sens Looking for #1 Goalie and Khabibulin a possibility

Looking at the Season ahead

Sens Fights

Brian McGrattan Ends Domi's Career

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