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    1. Senators Dont Need "Feel-Good Wins"-They Need More Losses
      Thu Feb 15 10:48:13 2018
      I understand that cheering for your favourite team to lose goes against every fibre of your body, and it feels sickening when you are actually excited to see them do poorly in games. We want to see Erik Karlsson score overtime winning goals, not Cra[...]
    2. Senators Dont Need Feel-Good WinsThey Need More Losses
      Thu Feb 15 06:00:03 2018
      The Senators organization is a mess right now. And the only way long-lasting change will come is if they bottom out and realize that both the on-ice and off-ice products need drastic improvements. I understand that cheering for y[...]
    3. ChirpEd- Fast and Forward: The Need for Speed
      Mon Feb 5 12:12:48 2018
      WRITTEN BY- lukewellspring As a Sens fan not content to spend the next six months playing the DLS Dahlin Lottery Simulator, I decided to be more realistic. So Ive crafted a potential starting line-up for opening night of 2018-19, based on a more [...]
    4. NHL trade rumors: Erik Karlsson admits Senators need a change, deflects talk of own future
      Sat Jan 27 17:58:31 2018
      A typically honest, polite and forthright Erik Karlsson was again all of those things when discussing the Senators&39; stunningly poor season and his own future in Ottawa with reporters Saturday morning at the NHL All-Star media day. After being as[...]
    5. The Senators Dont Need a Rebuild-They Need to Trim the Fat
      Thu Jan 25 08:55:36 2018
      I don&39;t need to bore you with the details of what this season has been like. The entire organization looks like an absolute mess right now, which is incredible considering they were one goal away from the Stanley Cup Finals seven months ago. [...]
    6. The Senators Dont Need a RebuildThey Need to Trim the Fat
      Thu Jan 25 06:00:02 2018
      While the Senators are in a terrible position right now, they dont need to do a full rebuild just yet. Instead, they need to rid themselves of the plethora of bad and expensive depth players Whatever you can come up with to descr[...]
    7. Stars Dont Need Erik Karlsson, Even If He Is Somehow Made Available By The Senators
      Wed Jan 3 13:45:10 2018
      It goes without saying that Erik Karlsson the player would be a perfect asset for nearly every team in the NHL. In a world free of a salary cap, he&39;d be the player that general managers and coaches find a way to fit into their lineup, regardless[...]
    8. Its a boy for Erik and Melinda Karlsson! Now all they need is a name a
      Mon Dec 18 15:26:00 2017
      Ottawa Senators Captain Erik Karlsson and his wife Melinda have announced the baby they are expecting will be a boy. Next up: what&39;s the name? Melinda informed the world via Instagram, with a video of her hubby shooting a hockey puck that explod[...]
    9. The N.H.L. Needed 100 Portraits. So Tony Harris Got to Work.
      Fri Nov 17 18:07:09 2017
      For its 100th anniversary, the N.H.L. commissioned an Ottawa artist to paint all of the players voted as the top 100 in the league&x2019;s history.[...]
    10. When He Needs Advice, a Philadelphia Flyer Turns to His Brother the Dancer
      Sat Nov 11 17:06:58 2017
      Taylor Leier is in his first full season in the N.H.L. while his brother, Keaton, is in his first year in the company of the Atlanta Ballet.[...]

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